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Nick Saban is critical of Major

I don't know who Alabama coach Nick Saban thinks he is, but you do not criticize Major Applewhite. That kid has never done wrong.

After Alabama's closer than expected win over Houston, Saban said he wished that the Tide had passed more and run less.

"You can't just run the ball," Saban said. "In this day and age of football, you'd better be a very, very dominant team. The more they put them up there, the more we should have been passing it."

'You want to criticize Major, you step outside with me!.'

Realizing what he had just done, Saban rightfully backtracked.

"I'm not second guessing any play calling, because they all get called through me," Saban said. "So I could tell them to pass it anytime."

Don't let it happen again, Nick.