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Statistics are for Tommy Bowden

Tommy Bowden has lost less than 4 games at Clemson only once, and this year will be no exception. Everyone knows Clemson's offense is a mess right now except Bowden. He's got stats that show it's really not that bad.

"It's not like we're throwing a goose egg up there on offense," he said Sunday. "We've played three pretty good defenses, the top three scoring defenses in our conference."

Well played, Tommy. You're not throwing goose eggs. You put up 3 points against Georgia Tech and 21 against Virginia Tech.

Stats showing Clemson is still 2nd in scoring offense in the ACC.

"We're moving the football," he said.

Again Bowden is technically correct. Eight yards rushing against Virginia Tech was the school's worst output in 15 years, but 8 yards is still moving.

"We might have got whipped some last night physically but we're not going to play that defense every week. We've already played the top three."

Bowden is hitting the ball out of the park with these responses.

"So maybe when we play the fourth-ranked defense, we'll have a little more success."

That's the spirit, Tommy. Maybe you'll do a little better against Boston College.

Besides, the difference in the home loss against Virginia Tech was that the Hokies had touchdown returns on an interception, punt and kickoff.

How often does that happen?