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How legit is Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree?

Texas Tech freshman receiver Michael Crabtree is on pace to set NCAA single season records for receptions, yards and touchdowns. The guy has been unstoppable thus far.


I know what you're going to say. 'He plays for Tech. He's a product of the system.' Yes and no. Tech generally has two types of receivers. The smaller quicker inside guys (Welker and Amendola) and the bigger slower outside receivers (Hicks and Filani). Crabtree is a combination of both. He's got good size, but he's also notably faster than the bigger Tech receivers of the past. The guy can get yards after the catch.

He's also been consistent. Here are his game-by-game stats:

12-105-3 SMU
15-188-2 UTEP
11-244-3 Rice
14-237-3 Oklahoma St
8-145-3 NW La
10-154-3 Iowa St

Now here's the rub. None of those teams have a pass efficiency defense rated higher than #88 in the country. Well, NW LA might, but they're not even Division 1 (like Arkansas State). They play the #69 rated Aggies this week. So we may not find out just how good he is until they play #33 ranked Colorado in Lubbock on October 27th.