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Chris Hall has a Jesus fish on his car

Texas offensive lineman Chris Hall is a really nice guy. Why? He's a licensed minister.

Hall wasn't always nice though.

"I was your average BMOC, full of pride and arrogance," he said. "Lots of sin. The details are not important. You can fill in any and all of the blanks. I came here with a huge head."

When his parents divorced, he grew closer to his father who is also a minister. As is his older brother.

'Don't fuck with the Jesus!'

And he became a really positive guy as shown in this exchange with a reporter earlier in the week:

How was practice?

"Practice was excellent," he said.

Why excellent?

"It's always fun to play football with the Longhorn on the side of your helmet," he said.

And why is it so much fun?

"Because coach Brown is our coach, and we're playing football together."

Dude makes Norman Vincent Peale look like an emo kid.

Offensive coordinator Greg Davis says Hall will sit on the edge of his seat during normally boring meetings. Offensive line coach Mac McWhorter will even apologize to Hall after yelling at the players.

A couple of years ago academic counselor Brian Davis was going to yell at a trio of players who had done something wrong. But when he opened the door to his office, he found Hall leading the three in prayer.

"I closed the door," Davis said, "went back into my office and said, 'God bless Chris Hall.' "

Still should have yelled at them.