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The Big 12 South with four games left


Oklahoma is not as good as their ranking in the polls would indicate. This is a team that in a normal year would be staring at 2-3 losses. Their running game has been inconsistent (especially against the North Division teams) and their playmakers disappear much too frequently, i.e. Malcolm Kelly having 1 touchdown in Big 12 play. You defend them by making quarterback Sam Bradford beat you. You make Bradford beat you by playing cover 2, not by putting 8 in the box.

Their linebackers still struggle in coverage, particularly Ryan Reynolds, and their secondary is still suspect. The remaining schedule favors them though with only 1 game on the road against Tech. Home games against A&M, Oklahoma State and Baylor.


Texas has exactly one win over a team with a winning record. The running game is its usual inconsistent self so the offense requires quarterback Colt McCoy to play mistake free football to win against good teams. There just aren't any playmakers left on offense. The legitimate deep threat at receiver is out for the year, Jamaal Charles has had his running instincts beaten out of him and we've decided that wing player Jermichael Finley is most dangerous receiving the ball in the low post with his back to the basket.

The defense has been solid against the run. We'll see just how solid when they play Oklahoma State and Texas A&M on the road. Home games against a Nebraska team in freefall and Texas Tech.

Oklahoma State

Would have been in the driver's seat had they not blown a 17-0 halftime lead to A&M, showing that they can still be counted on to blow a big lead at least once a year. Very good balanced offense with a horrible pass defense.

Two weeks to prepare for Texas at home. Kansas at home, and Baylor and OU on the road.

Texas Tech

Gave up 49 points on the road against Oklahoma State, and their defensive coordinator resigned. Win 3 straight at home playing good defense. Head to Missouri, and they're back to giving up 40+. Will probably look solid again against Colorado this week which will bring Tech fans once again out of the woodwork. Same old Tech.

They've rushed for over 100 yards in a game twice this year and then wonder why they fail to convert on 4th and 2.

Colorado and OU at home, Baylor and Texas on the road.

Texas A&M

The only thing that will keep this team from imploding is quarterback Stephen McGee so naturally Aggie head coach Dennis Franchione ran him 35 times last week against Nebraska. That's the total number of carries running back Michael Goodson had in the three games leading up to Nebraska. Why Martellus Bennett doesn't have at least 40 catches for 600 yards is anyone's guess.

Their defense is fairly solid against the run but horrible against the pass. They finally figured out that having a white corner was a bad idea, but they can't get any pressure on the quarterback. They should consider having Lou Holtz take over the defense from Gary Darnell again.

Meat grinder schedule coming up. Road games against OU and Missouri and home games against Kansas and Texas. Aggie fans would probably be ecstatic with a split.


If you read this far, congratulations.