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Quotes that bother me

Statesman had an article yesterday about how Colt McCoy has been our best runner the past two games. Sad but true.

It quoted Greg Davis as saying "People don't realize how good of a rusher Colt is."

But he's not a good rusher. He's a good scrambler. And they're not the same thing.

Regarding the running game in general, Davis said "I don't think it matters how you get the yards, I just think that we need to be able to run the ball."

But it does matter. A running game is ineffective if you can't run the ball when you want to, and a quarterback scramble is not running the ball when you want to.

Same day Mack Brown has his Monday press conference, and he says this:

"You go back to explosive plays, and we've been a very explosive offense. We had 12 explosives on Saturday to Baylor's three and that means a run over 12 and a pass over 16 yards. This is the most explosive team we've had other than the National Championship team in 2005 since we've been here."

Now I have no problem with the way Brown defines explosive plays, but to say an offense that is averaging about 31 points a game is 'very explosive' is defining the word down and to say only the 2005 team was more explosive renders the word meaningless.