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Anyone seen Michael Goodson?

The guy looked like a future star last year as a freshman. He finished with 847 yards rushing and averaged 6.67 yards per carry. Through eight games this year he has 465 yards and is averaging 4.84 yards per carry. Did he play with Vince Young last year or something?

The Aggie coaches are trying to figure out the problem.

"It's a combination of various factors, I think, that have led to this," coach Dennis Franchione said. "We probably have not been getting the ball as well to the perimeter as many times as we were last year.

"On the tackle-to-tackle plays that Mike's had, he's gotten some tremendous gains, but he hasn't broken big ones. And we've played two or three teams that just haven't given up many big plays."

I've only briefly watched the Aggies this year, but it looks like opposing defenses would rather have quarterback Stephen McGee keep it on the option than have to worry about Goodson getting the ball on the outside.

The stats seem to support this. McGee is averaging about 4 more attempts per game and almost 1.5 yards more per carry. He already has surpassed last year's 13 game rushing yards total through the first 8 games of this year.

Any Aggies want to weigh in on this?