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Boston College at Virginia Tech

Sucks to be Boston College. They're playing their biggest game of the year on the same night as the Red Sox meaning that Bob Ryan might stop talking about Kevin Youkilis on ESPN's Sports Reporters just long enough to mention the game on Sunday. Then he'll start rambling on about Bobby Orr or Larry Bird or some shit while Mike Lupica weeps silently.

I know next to nothing about Boston College, but I'm not above making up some shit to sound like I know what I'm talking about. They are led by Heisman candidate Matt Ryan at quarterback. He might even become the favorite with a great showing tonight although I personally think Heismans should not be won or lost on Thursdays. That's the night the junior varsity plays.

Ryan's stats don't jump out at you. He's #35 in passing efficiency, and his yards per attempt are outside the top 50. But he has a lot of yards, and Boston College is undefeated. And he's East Coast.

Boston College is led by their defense. They have the top ranked rushing defense in the country. That's not saying much when you've played 4 teams ranked #100 or worse in rushing offense. Their secondary gives up a lot of yards, but they're efficient. Eighteen interceptions to only 8 touchdowns and giving up less than 6 yards per pass.

Virginia Tech is pretty much the same team they've always been. They'll occasionally throw in a difference maker on offense, but this team will win with defense and special teams. They better because their offense is horrible this year. LSU beat them like a rented mule the second week of the season. They've since rebounded with 5 straight wins, mostly by marauding through the Carolinas.

Coach Frank Beamer won't name a starter at quarterback. Freshman Tyrod Taylor, who started the last 6 games, injured his ankle against Duke. He was replaced by suspiciously Irish sounding Sean Glennon. An IRA plant perhaps? Taylor can't pass, and Glennon can't run. Offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring, this is your life!

My prediction? I like Virginia Tech because they're playing at home although I haven't figured out how they're going to score more than 14 points. Boston College is an above average team playing a below average schedule.

If I'm wrong, blame Trips Right.

Frank Beamer is comfortable around black dudes.