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Backup linebackers figure out pass coverage

Last week the Texas coaches said one of the reasons that backup linebackers Sergio Kindle, Rodrick Muckelroy and Jared Norton weren't getting more snaps is because they were having to learn their proper drops in pass coverage.

Any skeptical Texas fan then watched the Baylor game to see how the backup linebackers did in coverage. They did well.

And the coaches quickly claimed credit for the turnaround.

Larry Mac Duff, the Texas assistant coach in charge of linebackers, says he was pleased by his unit's contributions on pass defense last week against Baylor — at last. Mac Duff told the Austin Longhorn Club on Thursday that pass coverage is 'one of the biggest adjustments' that college linebackers must make. That's because few of them play in pass coverage in high school, Mac Duff said.

He said he's been paying special attention to pass defense as he's coached UT linebackers for the first time this season. Mac Duff saw that work pay off last week when Jared Norton registered an interception against Baylor.

You have to admire the emergency response team in Belmont.

A man who has seen it all.