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Major news

Major Applewhite has been listed as a potential candidate for the vacant SMU head coaching job. The list was put together by Dallas Morning News staff writer Kate Hairopolous.

Major Applewhite: Alabama offensive coordinator and Texas-ex.

(Four jobs in 4 years?)

Terry Bowden: Former Auburn coach hasn't coached in nine years.

(The one Bowden son who can coach.)

Dave Christensen: Missouri off. coordinator could be a hot name.

(Direct snaps to a 6'5" 250 lb TE = teh hawt.)

Larry Coker: Former Miami coach and Oklahoma native.

(From national championship to SMU.)

Paul Johnson: Navy head coach has longtime ties to SMU.

(He can do better.)

Glen Mason: Ex-Minnesota and Kansas coach known for reviving programs.

(Then either leaving or getting fired.)