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Tom Osborne has never heard of Freud

Bill Callahan is done at Nebraska. You know it. I know it. Greg Davis will figure it out in the 4th quarter of the 2010 game in Lincoln.

When Tom Osborne was asked about rebuilding the walk on program during a television interview last week, he said, "Well, that will depend somewhat on the new coaching staff, because they have to implement, and I can’t coach from the athletic director’s position."


Osborne and some athletic department toadie quickly released a statement clarifying his remarks.

"From the first hour I was named interim athletic director, I have said that no decision has been made about the current coaching staff, and the current coaching staff has my full support through the rest of the season," Osborne said.

And when he said the words 'current coaching staff,' he used his hands to make air quotes.

When reached for comment, Callahan looked up from his play card long enough to say "I’ll just say this: I’m led to believe that Tom is a man of his word. Everyone’s told me his word means quite a bit, he’s a man of his word, and he’s got great integrity, so I think that you would have to address Tom on that."

"Because he's not returning my phone calls."