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Ed Orgeron ain't leaving Ole Miss

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Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron received a vote of confidence from his athletic director yesterday.

"I think next year is going to be a banner year," said Pete Boone. "We're still a young team, and that sometimes shows itself in close games."

Orgeron says he's on a 5 year plan, and 3 years in he's 9-23.

I hope he doesn't make it because I want him as the next defensive tackles coach at Texas. Of course, Mack Brown would never hire an Ed Orgeron, but a guy can dream.

The guy is as intense as anyone not currently in an asylum, and he's the best combination of recruiter and position coach around. Read Bruce Feldman's Meat Market if you don't believe me.

Shit, I'm not sure he'd even let Ole Miss fire him, and I'd hate to be the guy to deliver the bad news to him. He reminds me of Nicky Santoro, Joe Pesci's character in Casino. You don't fire a Nicky Santoro or an Ed Orgeron. You have to be more 'creative.'

The bosses had enough of Nicky.