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Major can still play

I didn't need an Alabama player to confirm what I already know, but The Major could still play Div 1.

"Yeah, he can still bring it — he can still make all the throws," Crimson Tide receiver Matt Caddell said.

Not only can he make all the throws, but there are some throws that only he can make.

"He could probably still play at this level."

Probably? Not only could he play, but he would win the Heisman.

Major wanted to go to Alabama out of high school, but they didn't recruit him. The next three head coaches at Alabama all were fired because of it. He originally committed to Texas A&M, but decommitted when they fired their offensive coordinator. Not signing Major was the beginning of A&M's downfall. They're yet to recover.

So Major signed with Texas and set Longhorn career records for yards, touchdowns, completions and attempts. And he went 44-0 as a starter and led Texas to the 2006 National Championship.