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Nick Saban's Maserati does 185

It's been an emotional week for Alabama coach Nick Saban. He has to play his former team on Saturday. The team with which he won a national championship. The team he left for the NFL. And the team that now hates his guts for returning to coach another team in the same conference.

So he sort of reached the breaking point after yesterday's practice, and he let it all out.

"I left college football and found out that where I went was a mistake for me and I learned about myself. I didn’t know that when I left. I learned that. That’s no disrespect to anybody in any way shape or form. So I learned that so I could have stayed there and not enjoyed it or gone back to what I really loved to do, which was being a college coach. So that’s what I did.

"I loved college football the time I was doing it. That’s one of the most difficult things as human beings we have to do is to be satisfied with what he have, and have enough gratitude for all the things we have.

"You know Joe Walsh’s song ‘Life’s Been Good to Me So Far’? Maybe I ought to sit down and have a little gratitude for those things, and then maybe you won’t be looking for the next thing so much.

"Always gotta be another challenge, always gonna be something else you gotta do and you have no balance in your life. You’re a perfectionist, you work all the time, you don’t enjoy anything. You go do the next thing and you don’t like and you really loved what you were doing before.

"And you learn that about yourself. At least I can stand up and say that now. I couldn’t say that before. If I didn’t do it I wouldn’t know it."

That had to have been cathartic. Makes Saban a real person instead of the borg-like asshole he seems to be at times.

LSU fans still hate him.