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Bill Callahan has a limited vocabulary

Nebraska coach Bill Callahan says he would not consider resigning before the end of the season no matter what amount of money they throw at him.

"That term 'resignation' is not in our vocabulary," Callahan said.

Other terms not in Callahan's vocabulary include 'defense' and 'introspection.'

Nebraska stupidly gave Callahan an extension earlier this year so they'll have to pay him $3.125 million if he's fired this month. That's like a dollar for each rushing yard Nebraska has given up this season.

Callahan says he's actually received some supportive mail from fans, most of which is signed by some guy with the initials 'DIAF.'

"There is no quit in this staff," he said "We're going to keep plugging away and keep pushing and keep coaching and try to get through this."

'Have you tried growing a moustache?'