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Houston finally admits Mario was a mistake

OK, so maybe it was only the Houston Chronicle. Jerome Solomon explores what might have been if Texans management had found their senses in the boxes in Charlie Casserly's office.

Charley Casserly, the general manager who made the choice for the Texans, isn't in the mood to reflect on that question just yet. After saying he hadn't seen enough of Williams to evaluate his play thus far, Casserly, who now works as an analyst for CBS, chose not to continue an interview on the topic.

Merril Hoge wondered aloud how anyone could hire Charley Casserly to analyze anything much less be on TV. Hoge also uttered, "I enjoy San Francisco bath houses."

Reggie Bush suprisingly thinks they should have picked him.

Demeco Ryans, the 2006 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, easily tops Williams as the newcomer with the most impact on the Texans. "You make decisions and you stick with them," Ryans said, meaning that he thought they made a shitty pick and now they are stuck with Mario and about $75 million guaranteed in their maudlin defensive line.

Who would be No. 1 now? According to Solomon, it should be:

No. Player Pos. Team
1 Joseph Addai RB Texans
2 Maurice Jones-Drew RB Saints
3 Vince Young QB Titans
4 Jay Cutler QB Jets
5 Laurence Maroney RB Packers
6 A.J. Hawk LB 49ers
7 Reggie Bush RB Raiders
8 Donte Whitner SS Bills
9 Ernie Sims LB Lions
10 D'Brick. Ferguson T Cardinals

I think Antonio Cromartie and Marcus McNeil might disagree. How would you line up the first ten picks of the 2006 draft?