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Nick Saban: "It is what it is"

In Nick-speak, that means fuck you for asking, Mr. Reporter.

The question asked was why did DJ Hall play in the second half after Saban released before the game that he was out for the entire game after violating unspecified team rules. It might have been because you were in a dogfight at halftime at home to the school formerly known as Northeast Louisiana University. Justice lives with a sliding scale.

Alabama Sports columnist Kevin Scarbinsky thinks you have lost the team.

"It is what it is."

I have a few other questions:

Why were five players awarded Players of the Week after you lose to a Louisiana directional school?

Can you explain "the process" of how you took a 6-7 Independence bowl team from last year and turned them into a 6-5 team that is staring at a one-game season to even be invited back to Shreveport with 14 returning starters plus both kickers?

Fuck the process, I want results

How can Alabama lose to the University of Louisiana at Monroe who's athletic budget is just shy of your annual salary?

Who is Charlie Weatherbie and would you offer him a position on your staff in the off-season because every one of your position coachs makes considerably more than he does?

Do you think you've earned your $4M price tag?