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Houston decides to win multiple national championships

How you might ask?

By hiring the greatest coach in football history.

That's right.

The Major.

Now there are some other candidates thought to be on the short list, and they might be granted courtesy interviews. But it's The Major's job to lose.

The Houston Chronicle understands this and headlines their article about the coaching search, UH coaching candidates include Applewhite.

Two questions remain however. Can Houston afford The Major, and will the Major turn down every coaching job in the country to come to Houston?

UH paid Art Briles about $900,000 a year, and that's the going rate for a lock of The Major's hair. So they'll need to ad at least one more zero, preferably two. And how do you expect him to turn down the Patriots' offer to fire Belichick and hire The Major to replace him? So they need to make the job more attractive. They should turn River Oaks into The Major's own fiefdom and allow the peasants that remain there to grow food for his table.

At a minimum.