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Societal Development Plan

Hi society!

It's me. I just wanted to share some constructive feedback on a few things. You're doing some great stuff out there!!! There are also a few areas for growth. Don't sweat it. I know that working together we can do better...


Korean cuisine
Corporate synergy initiatives
Kenny Chesney, existence of
Bluetooth worn during meal
College white male floppy hair fad
Aggie work colleagues with e-mail access
Texas defense, scarcity of
Making quote signs in the air with your fingers
Tow truck drivers
Yuppie kid names, interchangeable by gender
I cannot complete NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle unaided; inadequacy, feelings of
Cell phone use, lack of discretion by others
Unflushed turd, public toilet
Ugly girls dressed slutty, believe they are hot
Conference calls, all
Political family dynasties; see Clinton, Bush, Kennedy, Hapsburg
Mega churches
Massive credit card debt, prevalence in attractive urban women in late 20s/early 30s
Newark, New Jersey
Death of wishbone offense
Earl Campbell, physical deterioration of
'Threat Condition (fill in any color)'
My unhealthy overinvestment in Texas football
The Secret
Inability to stop self from consuming entire can of cashews
'Nashville country!'
The Rolling Stones, post 1983
Fine dining, extraordinary overratedness of
Advertising, any practitioner of
Vince Young stuck with Edcouch Elsa's receiving corps in NFL


Surprising treat of skateboarding bulldog on Oprah, when forced to watch by girlfriend
Smell of fireplace on crisp fall day
Half price bookstores
Hint of Lime Tostitos
Pat White running zone read
Parkour. Seriously, who knew?
The Office box set
Resurgence of Johnny Cash
Sunny day, open road, full tank of gas
Ole Miss Hotty Toddy Cheer
David Lean epics
Former high school crushing rival
Vodka soda, extra lime
Catherine Zeta Jones, Zorro
Coke Zero
Grizzly bears attacking shit
Inherent nobility and goodness of dogs; see labrador, boxer, springer spaniel
Ghost In A Teeny Bikni, HBO Latenight
Marriott Rewards Points
Curry, Thai or Indian
Breakfast, traditional
Tits, great set of
Good point guard play in general
Chris Rock
Going for it, 4th and 3
Daniel Craig as James Bond
1st Class Upgrade, unexpected
Pleasing rise of mixed martial arts
The phrase 'Supaman dat ho'