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There was a bidding war for Tommy Bowden?

Wow. The next thing you are going to tell me is that people actually want to see the Spice Girls get back together. Oh, wait.

Reports indicated that Tommy Bowden was set to take over the Arkansas Razorback job late last night for over $2.5 million per year. That will probably end up being Top 20-type salary after this offseason but for now, it would have put Tommy in rarified air. Then, Clemson decided that they better counteroffer and voila...Tommy and Clemson agreed to an extension this morning. Details of the latest offer were not disclosed, but you can bet it is in the mid-2 range.

This was after Clemson had previously offered a prior two-year extension had been offered for an increase to $1.6 million annually.

This is the same guy who was on the hotseat after three consecutive late season collapses that cost Clemson a shot at the ACC championship game. This is the same guy who lost three or more conference games seven straight years in the ACC. The ACC!!!! The ACC, if you recall, is the conference with traditional football powers like Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia Tech.

Bowden's agent stated, "I deserve a raise."