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Florida State names Bowden's successor

According to the Birmingham News, FSU and Seminole offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher are close to reaching an agreement that would allow Fisher to take over for Bobby Bowden when he retires.

Essentially promising the job to a guy without interviewing anyone else is doomed to failure, especially considering the fact that Fisher has never been a head coach. Following a legend is hard enough as it is.

Bowden hasn't set a retirement date yet, but Fisher should be wondering what type of program he will be inheriting. Until he made staff changes last year, Bowden was going down the Joe Paterno path of destroying the program he built.

The agreement says that FSU will have to pay Fisher if they don't promote him to head coach when Bowden retires, and Fisher will have to pay FSU if he leaves for another job before Bowden retires.

A buyout for a coordinator? Bad move.