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Keeping up with the (Andre) Joneses

Things are looking up for Texas A&M football. First they beat Texas on the field for the second straight year. Now they're looking to beat them off the field (along with anyone unlucky enough to answer the door).

Junior starting offensive lineman Yami Babalola and redshirt freshmen defensive end Brandon Joiner were arrested yesterday on suspicion of armed robbery.

According to the College Station police report, two black men entered an apartment and 'struck' the person who opened the door. This is known as 'kicking bitches.' A second resident ran upstairs and escaped through the window. That dude was white and was conditioned to run away from black people at an early age.

The guy who opened the door and another friend were bound with tape while one of the players pointed a gun in their face. The players took some items and then ran off.

When the police later searched both players' apartments, they found marijuana in Babalola's and ecstasy and hydrocodone in Joiner's. A copy of The Reggie McNeal Story was found in both.