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Texas rediscovers accountability.

At least for the players.

If a player makes a mistake during Holiday Bowl practices, the player must apologize to the entire team. Then the whole team does an 'up-down.' An 'up-down' is a drill where the player jogs in place and then drops down on their stomach before getting back up.

The mistakes are called 'NOS' which stands for 'not our standard.'

Coaches grade film at night and then announce the punishments before practice. How long before the team beats Robert Killibrew with towels full of soap while he's sleeping?

Dick Tomey brought the drill to Texas in 2004 and it continued during 2005. Then it tailed off. You could knock me over with a feather when I read that.

Texas tried to continue the drill after Tomey left. But when Jeff Madden tried to show the players how to do it, he couldn't get back up off his belly. Oompa Loompas had to finally roll him off the field.

"Watch the gold chain."

Brown says he eventually had to call off the Sunday drills because 'so many players were receiving treatments for injuries suffered in games the day before.'

Seriously. He said that.

Unfortunately that is our standard.