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Defensive Coordinator Changes

We'll find out after the Holiday Bowl whether or not Mack Brown makes any changes on the defensive staff. Other teams don't have the luxury of waiting that long and so there has been some changes in the past couple of days.

Defensive Coordinator Ron English and every other Michigan assistant was fired by Rich Rodriguez yesterday. English was the secondary coach at Michigan, and Lloyd Carr promoted him to defensive coordinator to keep him from taking another job. Sound familiar? English is a good recruiter, i.e. young and black, but he has yet to figure out the spread offense. Also fired was former Oklahoma State and current Michigan secondary coach Vance Bedford.

Arkansas defensive coordinator and interim head coach Reggie Herring is rumoured to be the next Texas A&M DC. At least that's what the Aggie boards are reporting, and they're never wrong.

Georgia Tech DC and interm head coach Jon Tenuta won't be retained by new coach Paul Johnson. Johnson instead went with some guy from Southern Miss so it's possible that Tenuta already has something else lined up. LSU?

UCLA DC and interim head coach Dewayne Walker is one of the candidates for the head position, but if he isn't hired he may decide to go back to the NFL.

Former Texas and LSU defensive coordinator Carl Reese is still a Walmart greeter in Missouri.