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LSU/OSU Halftime Thoughts

This has similar electricity to the Tulsa/Bowling Green game.

Both QB's are playing extremely well, particularly Flynn.

LSU is outcoaching Ohio State right now. Pelini's safety blitz was a game changer and Crowton is mindfucking OSU with misdirection.

Jacob Hester runs freaking hard. He's Jim Taylor reborn. Look at the helmet snap of the poor bastard that tackles him.

Ohio St definitely isn't slow. They need to get back to Wells. LSU's D likes to matador blocks and Ohio St can exploit that if they'll be a bit more stubborn in the run game.

LSU is playing the smartest I've seen them play all year.

LSU's DEs aren't speed guys like Florida's were, but they're physical as heck. If LSU continues to get good coverage downfield, I wouldn't be shocked to see the Ohio St QB get a kill shot.

And those casons keep rolling along...