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Who's the best basketball team in the country?

Who's the best.

Since no one can tell me who the best college football team is, let's try another sport.

Is it UNC after a ballsy comeback win in overtime on the road at Clemson? They've got a great inside/outside one-two punch of Hansborough and Law, surrounded by uber-talented wing players like Ellington, Ginyard, and Green. They just strike me at this point as having too many chiefs and not enough Indians to be considered the best team in the country. Oh, and by the way, they hadn't beaten anyone worth a flip until last night. They're 4th on my list.

Is it UCLA? They've got two signature wins on the road at Stanford and at Michigan State. Their only hiccup was at home to an upstart Texas team in Collison's first game back from injury. They're probably the best coached out of the top 4 and will be one of the toughest outs in the tourney with the way they play defense combined with their offensive balance. Still, I don't think they have enough shooters to punish a good zone team and you can't ignore the loss. I'll put them at 3.

Is it Kansas? They've been steamrolling everyone on their schedule with the exception of OJ Mayo's USC team, where they escaped Southern California with a come from behind win in a low scoring 59 to 55 game. It makes you wonder how tough this team really is, especially when it goes against comparable athletes that are well coached. Remember the UCLA loss in the tourney last year? But my lord, they're oozing experienced talent. If they can keep sharing the basketball, Self's team might make a run. But, they're still number 2 on my list.

Chris Douglass-Roberts is the best scorer on the best team in the land.

I think Memphis is the best team in the country. Chris Douglass Roberts and freshman phenom Derrick Rose are the best backcourt in the nation. And they have a solid defensive interior that stymied a good Georgetown frontcourt. Players like Joey Dorsey who are great on defense and can score as well make them a unique team. Somehow Calipari has gotten all this talent to really get after it on the defense end, and share the basketball on offense. They have two really nice wins, kicking the crap out of a big defensive juggernaut like Georgetown and defensively smothering a offensively talented Arizona club. The thing I like best is that each individual on the team seems to know his role better than most teams with this much talent, so you don't have to worry about options 2 and 3 shooting you out of games because he "feels it". See Kansas and North Carolina. They're my early prediction to win it all.

Others receiving votes: Washington State, Texas, Duke, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Georgetown.