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Guess The Coach!

He beats up on a weak ass conference that still gets respect based on name recognition, but really has nothing to offer in the way of competition.

The first good team that he faces is often his final opponent in the BCS.

His defenses are good . . . unless you spread them out.

Won a MNC title his second year by beating a team on the beginning of it's decline, just before anyone realized it yet.

Dominates his main rival (who is perennially disappointing, save a year or two) whose head coach is more interested in building a glee club than a football team.

Has a tenacious love of a certain clothing item that has partly defined the man himself.

Inspires a bitchload of sour grapes in young ChrisApplewhite.

Is it:





all of the above.

Winner gets a year's supply of premium service, which is basically a 24 hour webcam in Sizzlechest's bedroom.