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Tarnished Heisman

I thought Reggie's Bush Heisman was tarnished the day he got it. The best player in the country that season was Vince Young. He proved it to everyone a month later in the Rose Bowl. Hometown writer Kirk Bohls still insists he did the right thing.


I can't wait to get my hands on this book. Adam Rose got a copy prior to its release and he lays out a ton of things mentioned in the book in his LA Times blog.

The most interesting thing from my perspective are the things he points out that could be troubling for USC:

A USC coach, Todd McNair, was apparently present in San Diego when Bush was staying in a hotel room that he couldn't have afforded on his own. The book admits, "There is no evidence that McNair knew about the payment."

The book cites a rumor, emphasis on rumor, that circulated about head coach Pete Carroll receiving an anonymous email that would have tipped him off to an inappropriate dealings by Bush's parents.

A memorabilia dealer reported to the NCAA that he left a message for both Carroll and Athletic Director Mike Garrett about the possible impropriety in the Bush-Ornstein relationship.

Lake claims that he was in the same room as Bush's stepdad during a call with Carroll discussing the family's questionable housing arrangement.

Bush's parent got an all-expense paid trip for a game in Hawaii, which might have stood out had people realized Bush wasn't from a wealthy family. While there are also receipts for a flight taken by the family to a game in Berkeley, it's doubtful anybody would have noticed since the town is just a few hours drive from USC.

For Henry James, there is a Suge Knight reference.

For most Texas fans, sadly, there is no mention that VY is greater than Reggie Bush.

For Texans fans (yes, both of you), it mentions these issues cost Reggie the #1 overall pick in the draft.

It makes me wonder aloud about whether the Atlanta Falcon job is more interesting to "Never Re" Pete Carroll given the implications of this book.

It hits newsstands on January 15th.