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The Next Wave of NFL QBs

The list of players invited to the NFL Combine is out, and here are the QBs invited:

Matt Ryan (BC)

Joseph Flacco (Delaware)

Colt Brennan (Hawaii)

Andre Woodson (Kentucky)

Matt Flynn (LSU)

Brian Brohm (Louisville)

Bernard Morris (Marshall)

Kyle Wright (Miami)

Chad Henne (Michigan)

Sam Keller (NU)

Dennis Dixon (Oregon)

Anthony Morelli (PSU)

Joshua Johnson (San Diego)

Kevin O'Connell (SDSU)

Adam Tafralis (SJSU)

John David Booty (USC)

T.C. Ostrander (Stanford)

Erik Ainge (Tennessee)

Paul Smith (Tulsa)

David Brink (WSU)

Remember the discussion two years ago over Vince Young's NFL prospects? How he wasn't polished enough from the "I", and would be a huge project? On the list above, I count at least three Spread QBs who are less accomplished passers than VY, and probably more if I had any clue to the offenses that Delaware and San Diego ran. Wait, you say. I know a Spread team will probably win the Super Bowl today, but nobody else in the NFL runs the Spread (yet). Where are all of the prototypical NFL passers? Good question, and here's the answers.

1. There aren't many available. Fewer college teams run the NFL offense. It requires unique talent, a lot of coaching time, and it doesn't score as prolifically as the Spread. Look at the list above- what exactly have Kyle Wright and Sam Keller done to warrant NFL scrutiny? Nothing, but they are the closest thing the game has to strong-armed, tall-in-the-pocket NFL-type passers.

2. The NFL suspects they will need QBs accomplished in the Spread- the quick decisions on the fly, and the mobility. Why else would Dixon and Woodson be at the combine as QBs, and not WRs (like Brad Smith and Matt Jones were a couple of years ago)? There is a change in NFL thinking.

Traditionally, the NFL liked QBs with the measurables (strong arms, stats, etc.), and the college accomplishments. For QBs possessing only one, the NFL preferred the former. Unfortunately, now the only QBs with the big accomplishments are the Spread types. It's very interesting that so many Spread QBs are coming to the Combine before the Spread is widely adopted by the NFL. It's like the NFL scouts know it's coming.