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Two Days In April

If you're already experiencing pangs of football withdrawal in the wake of the Giant's DL sticking it up the Patriot's ass, I rented a flick from Netflix that may ameliorate your cravings for an hour or so after Signing Day is properly dissected.

The documentary Two Days In April follows four college seniors (Travis Wilson, Clint Ingram, DonTrell Moore, Derek Hagan) on the eve of the 2006 NFL draft.

The movie is completely unexceptional in revealing anything interesting about the combine process though some of the footage at IMG training camp is interesting, if only to confirm that I'd do anything to hire Hall of Fame great turned IMG private coach Otis Taylor as our WR coach. A sample of his dialogue: "Son, hey, hey. Look at me. Look at me. That was your best route today! I'm proud of you son. But you know what? You still fucked it up. Goddamn."

The payoff in the movie isn't secret combine knowledge but a collective cathartic release as you watch each kid sweat their draft slide in front of a room of family, friends, and ass-kissing sycophants. At one point, a fat lady pastor attempts to exorcise DonTrell Moore and ends up speaking in tongues. You even end up feeling for Travis Wilson, who up to that point was a surly prick with a double digit vocabulary and an overbearing mother. In fairness to the Normanites, His Sooner teammate Clint Ingram is revealed to be a really good guy with an All-Time Great grandma whose quiet plea to Clint to stay on the straight and narrow is the movie's most touching scene.

Throw it on your Netflix queue if you're sports starved - you'll experience a C piece of film making. What else are you going to do - watch Astros Baseball?