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Darrell Scott saga

National signing day is tomorrow so here at BC we'll be following the Darrell Scott recruitment like everyone else.

11:45 am update

Asked the black dude I work with if he had heard from Darrell. He didn't know who Darrell was. Is it possible that all black people don't know each other? He didn't really know who I was either. I find this perplexing.

2:30 pm update

Talked to my California source. We'll call him Skippy O. Word on the street is that Scott is in the bag.

2:32 pm update

Turns out the street in reference was Castro Street, and 'Scott' is a catamite who may or may not be currently in some type of sack.

4:15 pm update

Just occurred to me that I picked up some ground bison at the farmers' market this weekend and put it in the refrigerator before I left for work this morning. Not sure if this is a good sign or bad.

10:10 pm update

It's starting to look like it will be Colorado. Whenever a recruit doesn't choose Texas, Longhorn fans will say it's because a) he was never offered b) he wouldn't have qualified anyway c) the other school paid him or d) all of the above.

The bison was good, btw.

Wednesday 8:45 am update

It's all but over for Texas. Family pressure. But we have a correspondent at the school who will report on any news.

1:00 pm update

Scott signed with Colorado, and Texas' hunt for a difference maker at running back will continue. You can't count on BC to continue to provide you with updated coverage of next year's recruits.

Any by 'provide you with updated coverage' I mean totally make shit up. It's a lot more fun that way.

Oh and by the way, Scott got paid.