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Mad Dog Says: Bigger is Better

 height=Not sure I agree. Looking for sacks & explosive plays? Consider looking at these numbers.

From the 2007 roster to the 2008 roster quite a few changes took place.

+37 Greg Smith
+25 Tyrell Higgins, Josh Marshall
+22 Ahmard Howard
+20 Ian Harris
+15 Sam Acho, Cody Johnson

+12 Dustin Earnest
+10 Tray Allen, Rashad Bobino, John Chiles, Michael Huey, Blaine Irby, GJ Kinne, Aundre McGaskey, Brian Orakpo, Keenan Robinson, Luke Tiemann, Adam Ulatoski, Michael Wilcoxon, and Malcolm Williams
+7 Antwan Cobb, Jordan Shipley
+6 Jared Norton
+5 Ryan Bailey, Buck Burnette, Russell Carter, Quan Cosby, Trevor Gerland, Chris Hall, Eddie Jones, Colt McCoy, Roy Miller, Ishie Oduegwu, Charlie Tanner, Foswhitt Whittaker
+4 Steve Moore, Montre Webber, Ben Wells
+3 Philip Payne, Christian Scott
+1 Sherrod Harris
0 Ben Alexander, Deon Beasley, Chykie Brown, Curtis Brown, Brandon Collins, Cedric Dockery, Brian Ellis, Lamarr Houston, Sergio Kindle, James Kirkendoll, Hunter Lawrence, Aaron Lewis, Vondrell McGee, Britt Mitchell, Roddrick Muckelroy, Chris Ogbonnaya, Ryan Palmer, Nic Redwine, Earl Thomas, Peter Ullman
-25 Henry Melton

That's correct--one guy lost weight, and he lost 25 pounds.

From their freshman year roster until now:

3 players lost weight (Aaron Lewis -10, Henry Melton -5, Cedric Dockery -5)
7 stayed the same weight

Here are the big gainers (if two positions are listed, the first is what they came in as):

TE/OL Britt Mitchell, 2006 entry, +50
TE/OL Greg Smith, 2006 entry, +47
DE Brian Orakpo, 2004 entry, +40
DE/DT Brian Ellis, 2006 entry, +37
WR/TE Josh Marshall, 2006 entry, +35
TE Peter Ullman, 2004 entry, +30

LB/FB Luke Tiemann, 2004 entry, +26
DT Tyrell Higgins, 2007 entry, +25
K Ryan Bailey, 2005 entry, +25
OL Buck Burnette, 2006 entry, +25
OL Steve Moore, 2006 entry, +25
RB Vondrell McGee, 2006 entry, +25
TE Ahmard Howard, 2007 entry, +22
TE Ian Harris, 2007 entry, +20

OL Adam Ulatoski, 2005 entry, +20
OL Chris Hall, 2005 entry, +20
DE Eddie Jones, 2006 entry, +20
OL Charlie Tanner, 2005 entry, +20
WR Montre Webber, 2006 entry, +20
WR/RB Chris Ogbonnaya, 2004 entry, +20

LB/DE Lamarr Houston, 2006 entry, +18
LB/RB/FB Antwan Cobb, 2006 entry, +17
LB Dustin Earnest, 2006 entry, +16
DE Sam Acho, 2007 entry, +15
RB Cody Johnson, 2007 entry, +15 (this from a kid who came in 15+ too high)
QB Colt McCoy, 2005 entry, +15
S Ishie Oduegwu, 2005 entry, +15
LB/DE/FB Nic Redwine, 2004 entry, +15
LB Sergio Kindle, 2006 entry, +14
DT Ben Alexander, 2006 entry, +12 (just what he needed....)
WR Jordan Shipley, 2004 entry, +11
21 others put on 3-10 pounds, but I'm bored. Worth mentioning is Rashad Bobino--was an extra 10 pounds this offseason what was holding him back? And Quan's 5 pounds this off-season will make him more explosive?