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Coffee Is For Closers

A lot of people have mocked Tim Brewster for his 1-11 inaugural season at Minnesota including many Golden Gopher fans who still pine away for Glenn Mason. By the way for all those Minnesota fans, Mason still hasn't found work. Well, don't look now, but Tim Brewster had the 17th rated class by Rivals last week. Minnesota's highest rated class by Rivals the four prior years was 55th. Plus, I think he also had the top JUCO class (which I believe don't count in the Rivals rankings).

Minnesota, if you are not aware, is surrounded by North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada. It didn't quite make Scipio's list of top jobs.

"First prize is a Cadillac..second prize steak knives...third prize is you're fired!"

How good is this class?

Rivals thought it was better than perennial recruiting day winners like Ron Zook at Illinois, Steve Spurrier at South Carolina, Tommy Tuberville at Auburn among many others. Tim and his staff signed 30 guys in this class -- 7 of which were four-star players. That is more four-star players than Minnesota signed in the SIX previous seasons combined under 4 players. Alex Daniels, Laurence Maroney, and Paris Hamilton sure were lonely VHTs as Phil Steele would say.

The Minnesota class had players from 15 states other than Minnesota. Wisconsin is the only one that borders Minnesota. He drew kids from the three biggest producers of Division 1 talent (California, Florida, Texas) plus other hotbeds like Georgia, Virginia, and Mississippi. He even poached guys from Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Kentucky among others.

I am most intrigued by his 6-4, 220 QB MarQueis Gray who is Rivals' #3 dual threat QB. They also pulled a safety out of Dallas Skyline Keenan Cooper that had offers from OU, Miami, and Michigan so that is real solid.

Oh, and he has another four-star QB already committed for next year. Two of his top 4 recruits last year were pulled into the boat in the three weeks after he got the job.

Brewster can drink coffee. He is a closer. I'd hate to be the guy on the staff who failed to land a four-star player...paging former Longhorn DB coach Everett Withers and former Longhorn player Derek Lewis.