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Kelvin Sampson's new job will be in telemarketing.

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Because he's about to lose his current job as head coach at Indiana.

Crazy bastard can't stop making phone calls to recruits. He was already prohibited by the NCAA from making phone calls for a year because of his "deliberate noncompliance" with NCAA rules while at Oklahoma. And by "deliberate noncompliance" they mean the 577 illegal phone calls he made over the course of 4 years. OU self imposed penalties.

When Indiana hired him, they were smart enough to insert a clause in his contract to where they wouldn't have to owe him much if he violates an NCAA rule. Good thing, because IU just reported over 100 illegal calls that Sampson and his staff made. IU self imposed penalties.

I'm sensing a pattern here.

It's obvious at this point that Sampson can't stop himself from making phone calls. Time for the universities that hire him to step in.

If I've learned anything from Martin Scorsese films, it's that 1) you don't pay mooks and 2) you can stop someone from using the phone.