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Former Texas running back Ramonce Taylor's life of crime will be coming to an end.

For five months.

He was already on probation for a state felony drug charge, but he violated his probation (multiple times) and was given five months prison time yesterday. Taylor was dismissed from the Longhorns after he was found with 4 one pound bags of marijuana in his car.

"He had a significant quantity of marijuana for an individual," Bell County Assistant District Attorney Bob Odom said.

Depends on the individual.

He followed up that performance with 'two positive drug tests, failure to report to his probation officer, criminal trespassing and entering a nightclub where alcohol is served.' Or as Ramonce will title his prison essay about it, 'How I Spent My Weekend.'

Taylor was in trouble from the beginning at Texas. Shit, he was in trouble before he even got to Texas. If the Fulmer Cup guys ever decide to give a Heisman, Taylor should win it. Kirk Bohls will still vote for Reggie Bush (maybe deservedly so this time).

Taylor's lawyer argued that the best way for him to stay on the straight and narrow was to be given another chance to play pro football. Taylor told the judge he had a recent workout with the Kansas City Chiefs and that they were thinking of signing him as a special teams player.

That makes baby Dick Vermeil cry.

Taylor said the problem was that he didn't have God in his life.

"I'd rather be a role model and put God first in my life," Taylor said. "I lost God when I went to college and stopped going to church."

And that makes baby Jesus cry.