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How It Plays Out

The Big 12

Kansas 9-2
Texas 9-2
Kansas State 8-2
Texas A&M 6-5
Baylor 5-5
Oklahoma 5-5
Texas Tech 4-6
Iowa State 4-7
Missouri 4-7
Oklahoma State 4-7
Nebraska 3-7
Colorado 2-8

We're down to three players for the league title: KU, Texas, & KSU.

@ Oklahoma State
@ Iowa State
@ A&M

Prognosis: The schedule sets up nicely for Kansas with the best chance for a loss at home against Kansas State (unlikely) or on the road in College Station. The Aggies may be playing for their lives in the finale. They should roll everyone else.

Oklahoma St

Prognosis: Kansas may be the best team in the league, but the Longhorns are playing the best basketball. Win a big roady in Manhattan and the Horns should finish it out. I like that we close out post KSU with two very beatable foes at home.

Kansas State:
@ Nebraska
@ Baylor
@ Kansas
@ Iowa State

Prognosis: Tough row to hoe. We're playing great, the Jayhawks will be pissed, and Baylor will be desperate. Tonight in Lincoln is no lock either. KSU can still win the league outright as they play each of the other contenders. I see a .500 finish.

I'll call my shot:

Texas 13-3
Kansas 13-3
KSU 11-5

I wouldn't be shocked at all to see Kansas and Texas sweep the remainder of their games finishing out at 14-2 each. We "win" the regular season title by virtue of our head-to-head; KU returns the favor in the Big 12 tourney title game.

You tell me, how does it play out?