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Is Ryan Perrilloux gonna have to choke a bitch?

What does he have to do to get kicked off the LSU football team for good?

He's just been suspended indefinitely for the third time since May by head coach Les Miles. The Times-Picayune's sources say Perrilloux missed classes, team workouts and at least one team meeting. Jackass trifecta in play!

Perrilloux is said to have also violated a private agreement he reached with Miles sometime last year.

Perrilloux's only defense?

Ryan Perrilloux, this is your life!

Jan '07 - Questioned by authorities about his suspected involvement in a counterfeit ring. Was never charged after the Feds determined he wasn't a major player. Would have liked to have been on a fly on the wall during that interview.

May '07 - Cited for trying to board a riverboat casino with someone else's identification. That someone else turned out to be Shirley Hemphill.

Oct '07 - Involved in a fight at a campus area nightclub. Witnesses said he had a gun, but videotape showed that he was armed only with his wits. He no doubt suffered a brutal beating.

Which brings us to the latest incident involving Perrilloux and questionable judgement. Miles hasn't commented on the story yet, and phone messages to both Perrilloux and his mother were not returned. However, family spokesman Henry Earl released a statement saying Perrilloux should be given another chance.

'Worked for me!'