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Overheard on the Longhorn Internets

I'm a big fan of the website Overheard in New York. It's random people posting bits of conversations they hear while going about their day in the city.

For example:

Street sock vendor to another: This country's immigration problems could all be solved if they just stopped selling Corona.

--Union Square

Overheard by: Cameron Rose


Chick: When Derek Jeter sees where my new bug bites are, he's going to go ballistic.

--McDonald's, 51st & 3rd

Overheard by: Jack

So I'm going to steal their idea, but instead I'll use random stuff I read on the various Longhorn websites out there. I won't name names or say where I read it. I'll just put it out there for everyone to enjoy.

And here is the sentence that provided me with the motivation:

'Do you realize that the ONLY NEGATIVE STAT colt put up last year were INTs?'