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Junior Day Part Deux

This junior day will be interesting on three levels:

1. In its immediate wake, we'll have effectively filled at least half of our 2008 class. We'll have 10-12 commitments by March 1st.

2. We'll learn how inoculated we are against camp fever. Steady, Mack. Steady.

3. We'll see the degree of influence from Muschamp in how we recruit DL and LB.

Here's a list of the guys coming in:

TE - Trey Graham - Waco Midway
TE - Jordan Najvar - Klein Oak

We take a TE this year. It could be one of these two. Both are basketball players. Graham has more stats to date; Najvar is a former QB with a Joe Jon Finley frame - he is a legit 6-6 and he'll fill out quickly.

RB - Jonathan Miler - Garland Naaman Forest
RB - Rex Burkhead - Plano
RB - Ryan Swope - Austin Westlake

Miller is nice. Check out his film on Rivals. He's easily a Top 100 prospect. Swope is yet another Westlake RB with great hands, straight line speed and...lots of untouched runs through gaping holes. Burkhead is a stronger, edgier Swope. We probably offer neitherone of them. Deal with it.

OL - Mason Walters - Frenship
OL - Fitiseula Partsch - Baytown Sterling

We want Walters' fren'ship. That would close out our OL class in style.

Ath - Jeremy Moore - Austin LBJ

I don't see it.

DT - Calvin Howell - San Antonio Warren
DE - Radermon Scypion - Port Arthur Memorial
DE - Dominique Jones - Kilgore
DE - Michael Brockers - Houston Chavez
DL - Kirby Ennis - Huntsville

Howell has offers from OU & A&M. I think we'll offer unless he makes fun of Sally's capri pants. Brockers is from Houston Chavez. Holale vato! He has very solid film. He also just committed to LSU. I want Scypion Radermon for his name alone. He brings to mind a Rastafarian scorpion. No film to be seen on Jones or Ennis, but Ennis is a good basketball player on a good Huntsville team and that speaks to his athleticism.

DB - Daniel Cobb - Killeen Ellison
DB - Roderick Goodlow - Dallas Adamson
DB - Kevin Brent - Dallas South Oak Cliff

Cobb and Goodlow want badly to be Longhorns. Brent is a stud with offers from Miami, LSU, OU, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Judging by his picture, Brent is 35 years old. I'm thoroughly convinced he's Ron McKelvey.

LB - Brandon Mahoney - Keller Fossil Ridge
LB - Tariq Allen - Irving MacArthur
LB - Kerry Hyder - Austin LBJ
LB - Chris McAllister - Converse Judson
LB - Austin Moss - South Garland
LB - Patrick Nkwopara - South Grand Prairie

I loved Mahoney in Police Academy. Undersized quickness guy with an OU offer. Tariq Allen is a man-child ILB with offers from A&M & OU. Hyder has rather underwhelming film - I don't see a way he leaves with an offer. Judson's McAllister is highly rated - I'd like to see the celluloid. Moss has lots of production and lots of film. Watching that film explains his production: instincts, motor, and a scheme dedicated to keeping blockers out of his zip code. Moss is reportedly an OU lean. Nkwopara is an undersized 5-10 200 speed backer (4.5ish 40) who loves Texas. SMU and Tech are hoping that we don't reciprocate his amour.

We'll update as events warrant.