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Camp Fevah: Catch It!

Camp fever doesn't just happen at camp.

It speaks to a broader mindset in recruiting philosophy. It speaks to your relative understanding of the negotiation process, leverage, your personal tolerance for chaos, and your comprehension of who holds the cards in an interaction.

Camp fever is the mentality that you should hook up early in the night with an average girl because she'll go home with you that instant and then you make her your girlfriend - rather than wait for Minka Kelly who is planning to come by your place at midnight. You're not sure about Minka though. No guarantees. Minka gets lot of attention. Can you close the deal with her? How you respond to that situation speaks to your camp fever mindset. I'm a wait for Minka guy. At least I am now. I disavow anything I did before age 21. 23. Probably 25.

Texas football wants the sure thing. Especially if the sure thing has a Vince Young poster on the door, a steady gaze, a firm handshake, and reminds Mack at some subliminal level of Kris Stockton or himself. Mack's signing day press conference spoke to that point clearly:

Texas is a different place, the tradition here, the history here, if you didn't grow up with our history and tradition and you don't know how special this place is, then you're one-of-five (choices for a player). I don't want us to be one-of-five. I want us to one-of-one or one-of-two. Maybe that's wrong, but I want guys that love it here, I want guys that are crying when they walk out of that tunnel. On senior day, I want all the moms and dad there. That's just the way I am and the way I feel. When they say we are one-of-five, then I say you’re (down to) one-of-four because I'm out.

I don't fault that. I respect that. I want kids who want to be here too. I also know that a lot of the kids we're recruiting don't have parents who were Texas Exes. Nor are they willing to make a four year commitment at 16 years of age. I'm a massive Longhorn homer and I wouldn't be ready to do that. If USC and Stanford offered me 'ships, I'd check them both out.

Kyle Kriegel and Patrick Nkwopara are camp fever commits (though both are legitimate D-1 guys). I suspect Dominique Jones, and I know that Calvin Howell, are a cut above in desirability. Excepting Howell (DT is at a premium this year) they were all going to be available four to eight months from now if we want them. Or if they're not, there'd be a guy just like them available.

My point is not about any individual per se. It's about the timeline. It's about measuring opportunity cost.

This is what is at stake. I say we wait until midnight and see if she shows. We'll seal that deal more often than not.

Why? We're Texas. We have game. We're a billionaire Christian Bale writing love poems with our twelve inch johnson. If Minka doesn't dig us, we can always get the average girl we met earlier to come by at 12:45. No harm done.

I guess what I'm saying is: Mack - we're so money and you don't even know it.