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Polls in general bug the crap out of me. Voters make choices I find impossible to understand. This week's AP and Coaches polls show that Tennessee has moved to #1.

Congratulations, Tennessee. You got there on the strength of a 25-2 record, a win over #1 Memphis, and losses at Kentucky (15-10) and a 19-point loss against Texas on a neutral NJ court.

Congratulations, UCLA. You're #4, on the strength of a 24-3 record, quality wins over Washington State, Stanford, and Michigan State. You lost to Texas on your home court, USC on your home court, and at Washington.

Congratulations, Kansas. You're #6, on the strength of a 24-3 record, quality wins over....Anyway, you lost at KSU, at Texas, and at Oklahoma State.

Texas is #5, although they've beaten, as mentioned above, 3 of the top 6 teams--only one on our home court. We also beat St. Mary's & A&M. I don't want to say we deserve #1, particularly when I anticipate a loss tonight, but it irks me that Tennessee got 69 of the 72 votes at the 1 spot when we flat out kicked their butt, and did so without Gary Johnson. Texas lost at Michigan State and to Wisconsin, both games that we'd LOVE to play again now that GJ is a part of the team. No excuse for losing at Missouri, but that's life. Missouri's not the same team they were, and Texans Marshall Brown and Jason Horton played well in a "you blew it" performance. A&M manhandled us for 10 minutes in College Station, and we spanked them for a whole game in Austin.

Other irritations:

Drake beat Butler at Butler last week, so Butler is ranked 6-7 spots ahead of Drake?