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We'll Take Manhattan

That was as satisfying a win as any we've had this year.

If you're not fully and totally in love with this basketball team, you possess the soul of a cane toad. You should be captured, drowned in formaldehyde, and dissected by blunt scalpel.

Speaking of scalpels and dissection, this one is razor sharp: Conner Atchley is my MVP. He was dominant. In 14 minutes, he scored 14 points on 6 of 6 shooting, including two daggers from three, an athletic putback over two Wildcats, and a Connie Hawkins running hook that made George Gervin scream out,"My man!" He also grabbed 7 boards, played amazing defense and was largely responsible for Bill "Needs A" Walker walking around in tears like he was Calista Flockhart after a trip to a churrascaria. Conner Atchley is immensely rewarding to pull for. I just don't know any other way to express it.

Speaking of - Gary Johnson. He definitely has something wrong with his heart.

It's too damn big.

GJ was hit directly on his broken nose at least three times, and, in obvious agony, continued to go back into the game to give as good as he got. Breaking your nose is not fun. I've been there. Getting hit on that nose afterwards is not fun. I've been there. It's the anticipation of the next blow after that is the true motherfucker; a test of will that separates the wheat from the chaff. Gary Johnson is a man. He's 19. He was probably a man when he was 11. His dendrites are coated in titanium. Know this.

DJ Augustin missed some free throws late when his legs went just like in Waco and he got careless with the rock early. He also put up 24 points and the contrast in quality he offered next to the steaming sack of shit that is KSU guard play was a living rebuke to their mediocrity. He also had five assists and 4 steals. DJ has until Saturday to get those legs right again.

AJ Abrams is my #2 pick for MVP. His presence in the 2nd half, along with Atchley, turned the game from trailing by 6 to winning going away. 4 of 7 from three and - I love this - four assists. AJ's shot selection over the last ten games has been, on balance, outstanding. We're a tough team to beat when he's taking 10-12 good shots a game and defending with vigor. God tested Abraham and he passed; so too Abrams.

Alexis Wangmene had his second straight game offering solid contribution when early fouls put Atchley on the pine. Look at his body. Look at his athleticism. The light is turning on. Now imagine the kind of individual improvement he is capable of under Barnes.

Justin Mason is a piece of indestructible putty malleable to any crack in the Longhorn wall.

KSU shot 32.8% as a team. Mason takes 5% off of any opponent's shooting percentage when he walks on a basketball court. Atchley knocks off another nickel.

I could go on.

I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am.