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A Series of Tubes for March 1, 2008 - Tech edition

As you stumble into the apartment after going on your McDonald's run in which you bought 14 Egg McMuffins, 2 coffees and a cinnamon roll, you could do worse than check out a few game-day hoops links

  • awiggo at BON has his pre-cap, in which it's pretty clear he expects a Masked Rider-molesting. He might not be as graphic as that, but it's what I read into it, and who are you to challenge my perceptions? I have a Liberal Arts* degree from the University of Texas, dammit. Bottom line, we take care of our stuff, and it's an end result comparable to our first meeting or the Aggies' recent humiliation of the Raiders. They'll have a game thread going up as per usual later today.
  • Joseph Duarte at the Chronicle will be covering the game at his blog throughout the day.
  • SethC at Tech blog Double T Nation doesn't yet have his game thread topic up, but there's a lot of stuff on there about the hoops team and other Tech news. Good churn on his blog - worth a browse.
  • disco tech doesn't have anything new, but his most recent post includes a collection of semi-vintage cheerleader pics. I don't know what's going on over there, but there are a handful of pictures showing a cheerleader from, what, I guess maybe the '80s?
  • I think the Tech guys are losing interest in the basketball season. Just a hunch. I hope we're not walking into a trap here.
  • TB at Bring on the Cats has a bunch of good stuff out in anticipation of the Kitties' crucial clash against KU tomorrow. I thought we'd see more interstate hate here, but I think the Cats are too busy chewing their fingernails to work up a good froth, at least not until game time.
  • PhogBlog doesn't have anything specific on the game from the KU perspective yet, though he may before game time. They seem to have reassumed their sense of blase hoops superiority in Lawrence after their brief OSU shiver.
  • Bear Meat is falling behind. Having Aaron Bruce on your team will do that ... but dude, a couple of more wins and you're in the tournament! Your snark is needed!
  • Hoops Nerd ranks his top teams as of February 26. I think Hoops Nerd is Dick Vitale's illegitimate son, baybee!
  • I couldn't find a single thing to link to for the big OU-A&M game tomorrow.
  • Best wishes to John Wooden, 148, who fell and fractured his wrist and collarbone yesterday.
  • In Ex-Longhorn Football news, Sean Rogers got traded from a shitty Michigan-based team to a shitty Ohio-based team. No, not that one. The other one.
  • Here are some early pics of Jerry Jones' mothership, due to lift off for Planet Whitewater in 2009.

That's it for this morning. Enjoy the game!
(* It's actually a communications degree)