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Win Some, Lose Some

The thrill of victory...

2007 CFBA Nominee: Best Big 12 Blog

...and the agony of defeat.

2007 CFBA Nominee: Best New Blog

It's our honor to share this college football blogosphere with so many talented and funny writers and photoshop gurus. We're pleased to represent the Big 12. Kudos to Corn Nation, Big Red Network, Double T Nation and Rock M Nation for consistently churning out great content about their schools and the conference. We look forward to fostering more discussion with them in the coming years.

Unfortunately, it appears we were unable to win the Best New Blog when a few super-delegates were swayed away from our camp in the last days of the campaign as a result of some intra-Carnival squabbling among Barkers over erstwhile boy bands. Hopefully, this sort of thing won't happen again. After this episode, it's a wonder we have any readers left at all. That said, congrats to Black Heart Gold Pants for the win and to The Birddog, Gate 21 and West By God Virginia joining us in the not quite good enough camp.

Take it, Jim.