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Tommy Bowden - Winning With Good Kids Who Graduate

Well, at least letting them graduate before taking their scholarship away. Remember the story of Ray Ray McElrathbey? He was the Clemson reserve defensive back/tailback who brought national attention to Bowden & Clemson when he gained custody of his younger brother from his parents who have been battling drug and gambling addictions.

In September 2006, the NCAA made McElrathbey an exception to its long-standing rule against extra benefits, allowing him to receive aid in the form of a trust fund set up for his younger brother, Fahmarr, then 11, as well as accept daily care provided by the coaches' families. Fahmarr is still in Ray Ray's custody.

Saturday Clemson announced that McElrathbey is going to graduate in August and is no longer on the team. But another running back says Clemson decided not to renew McElrathbey's scholarship. He has two years of eligibility left.

Bowden says bye bye to Ray Ray