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OU looks at no huddle

No shit.

Bob Stoops and "defensive coaches" approached offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson after the Fiesta Bowl with the idea of speeding things up. First of all, how could he come away from that game thinking the offense was a problem? And secondly, if I ever start a band I'm totally going to call it Bob Stoops and Defensive Coaches. We'll wreck shit in smaller clubs but totally self destruct on bigger stages.

Bob Stoops approaching

No idea why they decided to speed things up, and I don't get the impression that Wilson is all that enthusiastic about it.

"A lot of no-huddle teams a lot of times don't play good defense," he said. "It's not that you get in a game and go three-and-out. I think it's the way you practice. It's hard to practice. So we're trying to find a balance in a way that we can have defensive improvement."

Great point. The article mentions that last year's top 8 college offenses all ran some version of the no-huddle, and of those eight only Kansas fielded a defense that ranked in the top 30.

Quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel seems to like it though. Wilson said Heupel took the analogy that the spread makes average teams more competitive 'one step further.'

Josh Heupel's analogies go to 11

"It gives you more opportunities," said Heupel. "It's like fast-break basketball. Up and down. You know, Billy Ball. Get as many shots as you can."

Like firing an uzi instead of a pistol out of your dorm room window.

We'll see how it goes.