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Liveblog - Big XII Conference Championship - Texas/OSU

Hi everyone. It's time to tune into your local infomercial channel (here in Houston, it's 51/Comast Channel 2). Your Studio 66 hosts are Doug Bell and Stacy King. Picture quality brought to you by Harold P. Warren.

Alternate hoops programming over on ESPN and the Deuce sponsored by Stuff White People Like: Wisconsin vs. Michigan, and Florida State vs. smartest player ever Tyler Hansbrough and a bunch of stiffs.

Dave Armstrong and Reid Gettys are your announcers. OSU: Eaton, Muonelo, Anderson, Dove, Thomas. Texas: Augustin, Abrams, Mason, James, Atchley. The crowd is ... about what you'd expect for 11:45 a.m. Friday morning.

Given recent results and general frame of mind, I think we lose today.


Sloppy start. Eaton gets a foul inside of a minute. DJ opens scoring with a 3. Now James fouls Eaton. James hits a baseline jumper - like to see that. Atchley bricks a 3 - do not like to see that. Horns doing a good job collapsing on the penetration - they've caused 2 TOs already.

Atchley to the line ... he hits nothing but air. Second one is good. Chapman in for Connor. Anderson grabs an offensive rebound and scores. James answers with a pick-and-pop 3. Nice start for Damion.

A Thomas rebound putback with a foul on Chapman takes us to the first official TO. 9-5 Texas.


To give you an idea of the stature of this TV station: We just had a promo for reruns of The Nanny.

Thomas misses the FT. After a Texas miss, Thomas gets another putback. He's killing us on the glass at that end. DJ travels. Thomas with a 3 pointer and OSU takes the lead 10-9.

Atchley back in, with Gary Johnson. James out.

Thomas with another 3-pointer. G-d dammit. Johnson responds and it's 13-11.

Johnson hits 2 free throws, but gets hurt on the other end when OSU again cleans up on the offensive boards. Knee-knock of some sort. Pittman's in, and the Horns immediately get it to him inside, where he's fouled by Dove, who's out with 2 fouls. Dex misses both.

Texas goes zone, which leads to a poor 3 attempt. Back on the other end, James gives the lead back to the Horns 15-14. OSU turnover takes us to the under-12 official TO.


There's nothing sadder to me than a locally produced hunting/fishing show.

DJ getting a breather as Mason runs the point.

James hits another 3 - he's feeling it today. Meanwhile, Thomas hits a layup. It is also being felt by Ibrahima.

James hits another 3. See above. OSU gets a TO. 21-16 Texas.

AJ misses a jumper, but Lexi cleans up for the putback. Atchely missed a pass to wide-open 3 for AJ a bit earlier. After an Eaton jumper, Atchley completely muffs a 3-point shot. He looks awful today. Texas foul (Wangmene) at the other end takes us to the under-8 official TO. Texas 23, OSU 20.


DJ back in. He throws it 2/3rds of the way down the court off an inbounds, where Eaton tracks it down and puts it in. We're tied.

Mason throws up a prayer. Our guys look a little lost with OSU's defense right now. Eaton bowls over Wangmene and picks up his second on a charge. Coming back, DJ fumbles a bit, but swishes a 3.

Report on Gary Johnson: Lower leg injury, doubtful he'll return today.

Augustin drains another 3, and Sean Sweatton calls a TO. 30-23 Texas.

Good Longhorn defense leads to a 3-point attempt, followed by another offensive rebound, sending Dove to the line. He hits one. Bad DJ shot, and a travel by Anderson takes us into the under-4 official TO. 30-24 Texas.


I don't get this ARod sneaker commercial.

James posts up Eaton. Eaton eats his lunch. Thomas at the other end slips his man and jams. DJ jacks up a stupid 3. Eaton almost makes a circus shot at the other end, but he's fouled. He gets 1.

Dove knocks over AJ as the latter was trying to reach a lazy pass from DJ. No foul. OSU gets their 8th rebound of the day, leading to a Harris 3. Tied at 30.

DJ with another quick, dumb 3. Harris misses a 3, then James hits a streaking DJ for a layup.

Despite Texas taking a timeout to set up the defense, Harris hits a 3 at the buzzer. 33-32 OSU at the half.

I'll do the 2nd half on a new thread.