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Liveblog - Big XII Conference Championship - Texas/OSU, 2nd half

Second half coming up. First half was pretty much what you'd expect from Texas-OSU.

Texas stats: 11-22 from the field (6-11 from 3), 4-7 from the line, 11 rebounds (1 offensive); OSU stats: 12-28 from the field (4-13 from 3), 5-11 from the line, 17 rebounds (8 offensive).

Going by those lines, I suppose I should be glad we're not down by 10.

Biggest shocks: Ibrahima Thomas 6-9 (2-2 from 3) from the field, 15 points, 5 rebounds (3 offensive). Connor Atchley 0-3 (0-2 and neither close), an airballed free throw, 1 point.


Aside: I can't remember the last time I found Will Farrell funny. He's dangerously close to Billy Crystal territory these days.

DJ opens with a smart 3, coming off a good screen. Nice. Off an OSU miss, DJ drives on Eaton, who picks up his third. Also nice. Augustin hits both. Good start, Texas up 37-33.

Texas steals, and DJ feeds AJ for a layup. 39-33 barely a minute in, and OSU calls TO. Really good start to the half for Texas.

Another aside: I've always had an appreciation for OSU's cheerleaders.

Another OSU turnover, which leads to a bricked 3 by AJ. He's in that which is not a groove. He follows that by fouling Eaton.

Excellent Texas defense and another OSU turnover. AJ runs a little curl and hits a 15 footer. There you go. 41-33 Texas.

OSU misses a 3-pointer. Mason feeds DJ coming off a baseline screen - 3 pointer hits!

Another miss by OSU. Texas is playing great D. OSU Atchley's a 3 pointer and that takes us to the under-16 official time out. 44-33 Texas.


Atchley blocks two straight shots. He's in the game at last. James cleans up the mess at the other end for a layup.

And ... bullshit intentional foul call on Atchley. Whatever. OSU gets the free throws, but Dove misses a gimme off (another) offensive rebound.

Texas miss, followed by a Muonelo 3. Coming back down ... what the hell is this? Atchley FEEDS THE POST (James). Damion goes up and is fouled by Eaton ... and that's 4 for Eaton. Have a seat. We go to the under-12 official TO with Texas up 46-38.


James hits both. Dove throws up a horrible shot. James cans a fadeaway coming back.

Texas foul sends Muonelo to the line - gets both. At the other end, DJ drives and is fouled. OSU clearly misses Eaton right now. DJ hits both, Texas up 12.

After a Dove putback, OSU picks up a silly reach-in foul. Connor gets a tip-in. Texas foul at the other end - Muonelo gets one.

Atchley makes a good grab in the post, and hooks a shot in. On D, he gets another block; DJ gathers it and gets fouled by Muonelo. Connor is having a great half.

Urgh. Connor misses a jumper, followed by a Harris 3-pointer, followed by a way-too-quick 3 attempt by Mason, badly taken. Thankfully, Harris misses a 3 at the other end.

Game's getting really ragged. Eaton's back in, and he causes DJ to fumble the ball and miss a shot from the lane. OSU gets a wide-open 3 and misses. James gets a charge at the other end, taking us to the under-8 timeout. 56-46 Texas.


Muonelo misses a 3. OSU can't hit anything. Texas miss ... Eaton 3 pointer. I guess they can hit something. Lead is seven.

Texas miss ... Eaton 3-pointer.

Here we go.

DJ makes a great play at the baseline, dumping off to James for 2.

Another OSU 3-pointer. Barnes takes a TO. 58-55 Texas.

Nice feed to James in the post for 2. Abrams does a great job and steps in front of a baseline pass. OSU turnover.

Mason bulls in for a layup. Foul on James takes us into an official TO. Texas 62-55 Texas


Muonelo drives in ... he makes the shot and is fouled. Misses the FT.

Under 2:00 now.

Augustin miss. James with a block on a 3-point try! Eaton can't get the ball in so he calls TO. 62-57 Texas. Dove has to sit with a twisted ankle.

Thomas misses a 3, Connor with a manly rebound. 45 seconds to go. OSU fouls. And fouls again. AJ hits both.

Eaton badly misses a 3. Texas does some mini-Four Corners, and DJ is fouled. He ... misses about as bad as I've ever seen him miss. It's so bad, it bounces right back to him. 13 seconds left, and he's fouled again. Makes both and this one's done.

Thomas with a token two, and that's your game. Texas wins 66-59.


Real good 2nd half. Connor made up for his shaky offense with some great D, and the team as a whole was much more active and focused. They played a lot of zone - maybe the entire half. They didn't panic when OSU hit 3 straight treys (not that I would have expected otherwise).

Final stats:

Texas: 22-47 from the field (8-19 from 3), a sporty 14-18 from the line, 29 rebounds (6 offensive), 15 assists (Mason had 8!), 9 turnovers, 5 blocks (Connor had 4!), 3 steals.

OSU: 20-57 from the field (9-31 from 3), 10-18 from the line, 32 rebounds (13 offensive), 13 assists, 8 turnovers, 1 block, 5 steals.

Only real worry: How bad is Gary Johnson's injury? One the one hand, he's really important for us against (presumably) OU. On the other ... we're set for a 2 seed, so no need to push it.

I assume Trips or Scipio will be by later for a recap. Thanks for reading!