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Kansas halftime thoughts

First of all regardless of outcome, we belong. We're easily one of the top 4 teams in America

Justin Mason kept us in the game early. Justin fucking Mason

DJ and Damion James are making themselves some money and have answered every haymaker the Jayhawks have thrown at us.

Took Kansas' best shot and lived to tell about it. 61% against our zone. Can we see some man please?

Speaking of zone, why do we guard the high post like he's Larry Bird. We need to entice jumpers there and allow our wings to squeeze down on the baseline before we run out. I'd take a 15 footer from Darrell Arthur over dunks by Chacka Kaun or 3's from Rush or Chalmers. Again can we man now?

Why is Chalmers talking shit to DJ Augustin? Seriously. Is he complaining about the anal fissure DJ has given him this game? Especially considering all of Mario's points have come against our zone.

Overall, probably the most well played basketball game of the year. Both of these teams are number one seeds. Tennessee and UCLA can go shit in their hat.

Second half, don't be surprised to see some junk defense like a box and 1 or triangle and two from either side. It's just tough to man NBA players all over the court.

Final, thought, wow.