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Thoughts on Kansas 2nd Half

This will be a quick hitter as I'm geared for the selection show. Here are the first half thoughts. I'm glad I could piss off the Mario Chalmer gods.

Pittman played some quality minutes. We need to figure out a way to get him involved in the pivot.

Abrams tweaked something in the last 6 or 7 minutes. His lift wasn't there on his J.

We really took a lot of tired shots in the last 5 minutes, and that resulted in being held without a field goal. If you've played ball before, organized or pick up games, you know that you're more apt to settle for jumpers when you're tired and the results aren't usually pretty.

Give Kansas credit, they're deeper and more experienced. It certainly didn't hurt that they were able to play at home. Considering we were zoning and they were playing an aggressive man to man, I don't know that their play warranted shooting 24 foul shots to our 12 but that's the way it goes.

Mason looked about as quick as he's looked all year. Very explosive, and might be an answer for us at PG.

I was calling for Rick to come out of the zone, but I think we fade a lot sooner without being able to rest out of it. Barnes gambled that Kansas wouldn't hit shots at the rate they did and he lost. You can't blame him. If someone goes 15-25 from 3 and 50% overall, you tip your cap.

What a great Kansas crowd. They were raucous and I think they affected the outcome of the game. Our fans should take notes.

On to the tourney. A two seed in the South wouldn't suck, but I wouldn't be shocked if we got shafted.